The support groups are open to stroke survivors and/or those caring for a loved one recovering from the effects of a stroke. The monthly group meetings are led by a trained facilitator providing opportunity for individuals to learn more about stroke, discover community resources, build a social network and share their experiences, exchange ideas and life strategies.

Stroke Support Group

Social support is a key component of stroke recovery as it can increase self-confidence and decrease feelings of isolation, fear, and loneliness. Sharing with other survivors and caregivers offers support to one another in dealing with the life changes arising from a stroke. Registration is required. Confidentiality is respected by all group members.


  • Brockville: Seniors Support Services (CPHC), 2235 Parkedale Ave; (1:00pm-3:00pm Last Monday of each month)
  • Perth: Perth Hospital, 33 Drummond St. W;  (1:00pm – 3:00pm,  Last Friday of each month)