Many of the seniors (and adults with disabilities) in Leeds & Grenville have limited or no access to socialization. Many live in isolation. These below programs were put in place to respond to these needs during this difficult time. Please note that all COVID-19 temporary program are subject to changes or cancellations without notice.

For more information on these temporary COVID -19 services please contact a Coordinator at 613-342-3693.



Isolation / Socialization

Wellness Calls

These calls are designed for seniors living on their own, without regular interactions. CPHC staff monitor client well-being while working to ensure that the program has a continuous, positive impact. Our goal is to keep seniors safe, supported, and living at home.  During the wellness call, CPHC staff and volunteers check on the seniors well-being and offer assistance and access to our other programs.  




For information, Please call: 613-342-3693  or 1-800-465-7646